Swan Lake Idaho Centenial Celebration

Swan Lake Idaho Centennial Celebration Was Wonderful!

Swan Lake History Books

Download the Swan Lake History Books

You can download them to your computer by right clicking on the links below and choose "Save link as" and save it to your computer.  They are about 170MB each which takes a long time to download on a slow connection!

You can put them on and read them from a CD, flash drive or your Kindle or tablet.

You can browse the history books by clicking on a chapter in the index.

Swan Lake History Book PDF

Family Histories Book PDF


We took lot of pictures at the Centennial Celebration! You can view, have them printed or save them to your computer on Picasa Web Albums.
Just click on the "Prints" and 'Download" buttons above the album.


The Swans on Swan Lake taken by Ann Yearsley

If you would like a printable copy of this picture of Swan Lake from the front of the history book just click here.
It is 11 x 8.5 inches and 300 dpi so it should print as big as you need it. Just right click and save it to your computer then send it to Walgreens or Walmart etc for printing.


Brent or Vickey Abbott:

Vickey Abbott
PO Box 60
Swan Lake, Idaho 83281

Warm Wishes,
The Swan Lake Centennial Committee
Brent and Vickey Abbott
208-897-5582 or 251-5582 or 251-5550


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Swan Lake History Websites

Darrel La Mar Wakley's Facebook photo page of Swan Lake - Thanks to Darrel for all of these wonderful photos!

Darrel's Downey And Beyond Website - An entiire history book!

Rawlins Family History - Matkin History - Lots of great historical photos of Swan Lake people and places